Dear Friends: 

This space that he is referring to is the space between: the transitional space between stimulus and response.  This stimulus could be inner, such as the arising of feelings and thoughts of grief, anger, confusion and/or outer stimulus such as illness, death, divorce or war or other conflicts.  


The space between stimulus and response is a space filled with enormous opportunity WHEN/IF we notice it.  Often, as we all know, we are caught too much in our histories, our transference, judgements and reactions to actually notice this space between.  Our responses to stimuli, you could say, then are based upon opinion and reaction – rather than upon an actual decision. However, this space between is filled with opportunities to awaken and come into relationship with ourselves and the world in nourishing, wholeness-making ways.  
We enter the Magi Process the moment we decide that there is something we want to change. This is a moment that is filled with excitement and dangers as we walk the edge of the known and the unknown. Just like life, we don’t know what will arise, what attitudes and perceptions are allies or enemies, and we don’t know where we will land at the end of the process. We work to illuminate our desires,  our relationships to what is, our often invisible demands that life be different, the ways we get into trouble by trying to make the world over in our images, the who-is who is demanding that life be a certain way and so forth. As we do this work of illumination, we come more and more into life as it is, including the ever present field of possibilities, of what could be. 
Over the next several months, the CAC will be posting, one at a time, the 10 troubles that I named during the class, along with instructions for working with each trouble in the Magi Process, either individually or in small groups, and then sharing your thoughts and experiences via meeting.  


If you have never worked with the Magi Process,

please purchase Jason’s book on the Magi Process.


If you need more support on this you can contact Maris.

As I noted on Sunday,  my goal in naming the ways we get into trouble is not for you to STOP getting into trouble.  Actually, I know you will get in trouble and so will I. The goal in naming these is that they will help you recognise when you are in trouble and will help you come more into relationship with who you are and what is actually happening in the moment.  
In general, you may elect to work with the troubles by starting with a statement of intent about each trouble itself, such as “I want to come into relationship with (name the trouble).  This is showing up right now in my life around this specific issue (Name the issue, whether personal or in the world)”.   It will  be most beneficial if you look at how it is ACTUALLY showing up right now in an issue that is a challenge for you right now.  Otherwise, it will be abstract only.  The Magi Process is not an abstract process.  Go from there in the bracketing process until you land on a final statement and then take it into the 38 steps.  Feel free to use your creativity.  The point is to engage with this trouble, right along with your desires for change and transformation. 

This work can best be done in connection with companions to support and inspire each other. 
The CAC created a place for sharing experiences, asking questions, bringing up thoughts,
connecting in small Magi groups and so on. 
Below you find the link and instructions on how to work with it.
My love to each one of you,


 Pick the trouble that speaks most to you at the moment and start with there.
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I greatly enjoyed being with some of you on Sunday for my class on The Space Between.  A link to the video is below.  Also below are instructions/links from the Community Advisory Committee about how to work in community with the Magi in working with the troubles that I named in class.

In his book A Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl says,  “A human being is a deciding being. Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”