An introduction to the CAC (Community Advisory Committee of The Foundation for Nonduality)

We are a group of eight people (seven NKH graduates and one NKH teacher) who meet monthly around serving and building our community and supporting our nondual work.

Our goal is to build a structure for anyone who feels touched by the work to connect and to let ourselves, the community, and the work grow and blossom. 

Here are our guiding principles in how we come together: 



The CAC is a practice group – we model practicing the work while trying to get things done.
This means:

  • Who we are is as important as what we want, and the process as important as the result.

  • We try to include everything and acknowledge its worth, whether it is about ourselves or other people or the world. We seek wisdom in the obstacles and difficulties we encounter. 

  • We don’t make a split between what is good for us and good for the community and good for the world.  



Our intention is to manifest the work in the world and to help others do the same, seeking to sustain a community that includes everyone touched by the work.  We are inclusive of differences – social, cultural, and the many ways people are involved in the work, from healing presence to the healer. 


We are a facilitating entity.  We encourage a community in which everyone is invited to take responsibility for the connection and growth of our community and the work. We support all activities and groups that serve this purpose. 


Members of the CAC are: 
Beth Almerini
Tadeja Bradas
Sara Eisenberg
Jeff Elias-Frankel
Alice Forrester
LeahGrace Kayler (Co-Chair)
Maris Konning (Chair)
Candace Platz