NEW Grant Offerings for NKH Graduates

The Foundation for Nonduality is pleased to announce grant opportunities for NKH graduates funded by the Max Kagan Family Foundation. The Max Kagan Family Foundation, through two of our graduates, is partnering with the FND to support projects that will bring the principles and practices of our work to the public. 


These grants will range from $500 to $3000, depending on need and other criteria.  Proposals will be reviewed and selected by a committee designated by the Foundation Board.


Any project that uses Jason’s work to encourage others to become “a healing presence in the world” or to “help the world not destroy itself” will be considered, subject to the criteria listed below.

Criteria for Proposals:
  1. The project must be in alignment with the mission statement of the Foundation for Nonduality. (Please see the mission statement at the bottom of this letter.)

  2. Only graduates of Nondual Kabbalistic Healing are eligible to apply for a grant.

  3. The submission must be an educational outreach program for the public.

  4. The educational program could be in the fields of social services, the arts, business, medicine or other fields. 

  5. No grants will be awarded to subsidize individual NKH healings.

  6. All proposals must be submitted in writing no later than September 9, 2019 and must include all of the details indicated below.

  7. A project may be created as an educational activity or series of activities by more than one graduate.

  8. If the project does involve more than one graduate, all of the graduates should create and submit the application under one application.

  9. Successful candidates will be expected to submit progress reports at appropriate periodic intervals.

  10. Grant proposals must be submitted no later than September 9, 2019. Proposals received after that date will not be considered this year.

  11. Grant proposals must include all of the details listed below. Incomplete Grant proposals which do not have all of these details will not be considered this year.

Written Proposals to include:
  1. Describe your project using a few paragraphs or a page or two.

  2. Who is your target audience?

  3. How many people do you envision reaching?

  4. Where will your project be located ie. city, state, country?

  5. What are your targeted start date and end date(s)?

  6. How much financial support are you requesting? 

  7. Give us an estimate of how the financial support will be allocated?  - These could include salaries, web, room rental, etc.

  8. Tell us how this financial support will improve or enable your project to succeed. 

  9. Tell us how your project will bring the light of Nondual consciousness to those outside our immediate community and decrease suffering in the world.

  10. Include your name(s), phone number, email and the year you graduated from NKH.

Submitting Your Proposal

Please submit your proposals via email to

Put Grant Application in the subject line of your email.

The deadline for submission is: September 9, 2019
Recipients will be notified no late than December 9, 2019:

The members of the boards of both the Max Kagan Family Foundation and the Foundation for Nonduality view this initial grant series as a pilot project to explore the kavannah of our grads to manifest and share the work of nonduality.


Hopefully, this will be an ongoing collaboration. So, even if you are not selected this round, your application could be considered in the future. The number and caliber of your applications may encourage the Max Kagan Family Foundation to continue and perhaps increase its support.

 “The Foundation for Nonduality is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational or scientific purpose, whereby it will make the principles of nondual thinking and practice, as developed by the work of Jason Shulman, available to a greater public for the purpose of transforming the individual in order to help alleviate suffering in the world. The Foundation for Nonduality will educate individuals, families, groups, organizations, businesses and medical professional in the nondual principles developed by Jason Shulman, which focus on understanding reality as it is, as the foundational basis for change and healing.  Nonduality is a way of living that sees reality from both the universal perspective and the personal perspective, knowing that the two are intimately tied and ultimately inseparable. To live life from this perspective has implications for personal healing as well as organizational healing. Since it is not based on belief, but sees the world as it is, nonduality has the possibility of helping us know that we are imperfect beings in an imperfectly perfect universe.”