Grant 2019 Awards

The Foundation for Nonduality and the Max Kagan Family Foundation has partnered to award THE FIRST GRANTS to support two projects that bring the principles and practices of the nondual work to the public.

The Foundation for Nonduality is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational or scientific purpose, whereby it will make the principles of nondual thinking and practice, as developed by the work of Jason Shulman, available to a greater public for the purpose of transforming the individual in order to help alleviate suffering in the world. 

These two grants have been awarded based on the fulfillment of the mission of the Foundation for Nonduality and these criteria:

  1. The proposals are deeply and reliably rooted in the nondual work as developed by Jason Shulman. 

  2. The proposals are creative and original. The applicants have taken the nondual work and concepts and worked them in new and innovative ways or combined them with other systems of understanding in such a way as to bring them into a broader conversation in the world.

  3. The proposals expand the work into a new and/or broader targeted audience. 

The grants have been awarded for: 
Radical Inclusion with a Life of Practice ©(RI)  
submitted by Sara Eisenberg and Eloiza Jorge. 

This project is aimed at social workers, psychotherapists and other helping professionals.  
Participants will be introduced to the context and concepts of nonduality which are based on the fundamental truth that Reality is One thing which includes multiplicities ─  countless pairs of opposites and countless distinct and individual beings continually in relationship with each other. 
The RI project is based on working with nondual concepts and ideas to bring into awareness and unified relationship the semi-invisible and invisible constructs of identity, story/syntax and syntax maker based on race, gender, the culture which often divide us from ourselves and one another. 
RI offers the healing and awakening balm of the nondual practices, including an increasing ability to include everything with compassion and kindness and wholeness. The class series will take students through the work of inviting everything in; the awakening ego in increasing relationship noticing and bringing into awareness what is often taken for granted or is semi-invisible including who we believe ourselves to be as a person (including race, gender & culture), how this affects our perceptions of the world including from the view of the physical only, to the stories we tell ourselves based on who we believe ourselves to be; who we automatically make friends and enemies and finally into a more open, spacious and healing relationship with all of who we are, as personal and impersonal beings. 

This will also include noticing and working with opposites such as emptiness and fullness, known and the unknown, sound and silence, spaciousness and holding, biases and intelligence and the wisdom and preciousness of life as it is and embracing more of what it means to be fully human in relationship with all. 

The work of Nonduality & the 12-step recovery program
submitted by Leah Block

This project is aimed at sponsors who are already sponsoring others in the 12-step recovery work. Each sponsor sponsors many others. As noted by Leah, sponsors guide someone through the 12 steps and help them to actively integrate the steps and the process into their lives and then the sponsee in turn works with others in this same way.
This project focuses on the nature of the healing relationship between sponsor and sponsee.
The intention of this series is to deepen and broaden the sponsor’s understanding of the nature of this healing relationship through the lens of nonduality and specifically how it can become such a deep healing vehicle for themselves and others. 
This series makes this explicit and transmits our nondual work through discussion and approved non-dual meditations and non-dual writings/teachings on the integration of 12 step recovery process.
This project will explore how to be seated in and to see and listen in this way. The project will include:  working to see and be with reality as it is, working to identify ways of being lost in the trance of history, engaging in repair work, building the muscles of compassion for self and others, becoming more transparent and making room for our humanity. 
The project will also include working with how we can’t separate what ails us from what heals us,  learning new ways to be in relationship, practices to connect with the universal and learning to trust the unfolding nature of our own being and lives. The nondual topics of discovery, including lecture and practices or meditations are: wholeness includes brokenness; addiction as an attempt to heal; a place for resistance; the healing relationship, embodiment of wholeness, coming out of memory/healing our histories and a return to intimacy and wholeness.