And: The Infinite Word

One morning I was lying in bed with my most beautiful teacher who, happens to be my wife. I was upset. Often I am upset when I feel that I am not compassionate enough, that I don’t care enough. I said to her when I’m with my students, I feel very compassionate. I care about how they are doing. I can listen to them with full attention. But when I’m not teaching or lecturing, I don’t care about anyone. I don’t care about anyone’s problems. My teacher said to me: Oh! I see your problem. Its easy to fix. You think you are this or that. Just substitute the word “and.”

“And” is the infinite word, linking every bit of this world with every other bit. I am closed-hearted and open-hearted. They are linked forever.

I took this teaching to heart. When I was having a problem with someone who was acting irrationally, I remembered the infinite and. I thought to myself she is a little bit crazy and a little bit sane. We are all like that. The world is like that, forever mixed. And, and, and and: If you take this word to heart, you will be free.

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