From your Cafe Magazine Team: An Invitation to Assume Connection

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

By Sara Eisenberg

As we put together this first Cafe Magazine, refashion how we connect as a community and with the world in this time of so many changes, we have questions! How do we keep the publication juicy with content, real and accessible? Who is out there? What conversations do you yearn for? What do you long to learn, understand, share with ASOS colleagues and the world? What Big Questions are you sitting with? As you move through your daily life, what are the people around you struggling with? What nourishment do they need?

We invite you to assume connection in a way that is meaningful to you.

Here’s how assuming connection works for me: in any given moment, I know that some of us in our community are awakened, some of us are awakening, and some of us have drifted off to sleep. As we ceaselessly shift roles, the awakening and the awakened hold a space for the rest of us to wake up again.

I know I can depend on this as a daily reality. When I cannot rise to a challenge the way I want to. When I speak harsh words that should never leave my mouth. When I struggle just to face myself.

And I am comforted, because I know I do not bear on my shoulders alone the whole goodness of creation. Because out there, one of you is awake, one of you is wrestling with transference, one of you is listening, one of you is holding a vision, one of you is being honest, kind, present, open-hearted when I am not. One of you is holding suffering when I cannot. One of you is practicing form-anxiety, or letting everything in when I will not.

It does not matter what year you are in or when you came through the school, if you have clients or not or if your clients are “just” your colleagues and you think that doesn’t count, who you are in touch with, how connected or disconnected you feel, or even how awake you are.

"So we invite you to assume connection, and then consider

those opening questions above:

let us know what you’d like

to read, write, draw, photograph for future issues of the

Nondual Cafe Magazine."

You can respond to us at


Even though we do not know all of you by face and by name - we assume connection with you, we treasure your awakened, awakening, and sleeping wholeness, we send each of you our deep gratitude.

Sara, on behalf of

Beth, Maris, and Tadeja