Having a Place to Be

by Tadeja Tabitha Bradaš

Since my elementary school I have always found myself as a member of different teams, groups or committees. Sometimes I was invited, sometimes I volunteered and sometimes I was in a leading position. There was always this need in me to do things in a group combined with the need to belong.

Working as a member of Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has opened a totally new perspective in teamwork for me. I come from Slovenia, a small country on the sunny side of the Alps. I don't know if this is typical for my country only or if it is a general thing but whenever I found myself in a team or group sooner or later the group or team ended up in some sort of a disagreement that created a splitting into opposing sides. Sometimes these opposing sides were not able to reconcile and the whole group would eventually fall apart. The ideas that we shared and what we wanted to create were lost somewhere in this process.

I have volunteered to participate on the CAC for different reasons; one of them was that I wanted to be a part of something new being born – The Foundation for Nonduality and the chance for our community to connect more deeply, to bond and to create together. I got tired of the cycle of constant beginnings, breaking, and endings that I have experienced here at home. I wanted something different.

There was one group in Slovenia that has been unstable and I got tired of this. At the moment we are disagreeing so strongly that we are on separate banks of the same river of creation and life with no bridge to meet in the middle. In fact it became so poisoning for me – and I am sure for others as well – that I felt I needed to distance myself from that environment. I was sad and hurt.

Lately I have been thinking about how all this happened. I already have had new experiences with the CAC. Here is what I want to share with you.

When our CAC group meets and we have many things on our agenda, what is important for me is that even when it is difficult to be truly me, I am seen as whole, I am accepted and I am appreciated by the other members of the group. This changes everything. It is important that I can disagree or have different opinions. My voice, my thoughts, and my opinions are taken in as intelligent and valuable input. This is true for each member of the CAC. I have a place to be who I am - I have a place to be.

My experience with the CAC, from the very beginning of our first meeting until now, is that we can share our commonalities and our differences. We care for ourselves and we are compassionate toward each other.

Having had the NKH training and being in this line of work – Nondual Healings – ask of us to be who we are with our flaws and our greatness, all hearing God's calling.

I feel blessed to be part of the CAC, to have met all the beautiful people on the committee, to share with them and be present when they share their intelligence, passion and heart.