Interview with Cathy Novak — "Something is Always Evolving"

by Elisabeth Almerini

As a graduate of the class of 1999, Cathy is in a position to see how our school, and our work, has changed over time. Cathy was a member of Jason’s fourth class, which she remembers as being special because it was the first class open to students who did not necessarily plan to have a healing practice. Having a background in nursing, studying tai chi and having friends interested in alternative healing gave Cathy a sense of curiosity and openness to new ideas, so when a friend started talking about her sessions with an NKH healer, she was ready to listen.

After a second friend gave her a birthday gift of an NKH session, the exploration began in earnest with one of Jason’s seminars at the Omega Institute. Cathy describes feeling very connected to the material; being Jewish herself and having been attracted to and studying Kabbalah, it felt very familiar. When asked about how she found the classes themselves, Cathy mentions that, being a psychiatric nurse who had already done group work, she wasn’t really excited about that aspect of class. While she expected that there would, of course, be some personal growth, the amount of change she and her classmates experienced was truly surprising. As happened in every class, before and since, people began facing major upheavals and significant changes in personal and family relationships, living situations and job circumstances. While the container of the class supported all of these changes, a difference between the early classes and current ones is that there was no fourth year offered, and Cathy describes the sense of loss when the class ended as profound.

Fortunately, another opportunity for continued connection presented itself as Graduate Seminars (which evolved into the All School Meeting in 2004) began to be offered during the summers. Jason’s new and continuing work was presented at these seminars, including the advanced healings. It was a time of change, transformation and a sense of something always evolving.

Advanced Study Groups began in 2006 and what Cathy thought was going to be a one year class has turned into seven years and is still continuing.

Managing large, long term health studies for the US Public Health Service has afforded Cathy the opportunity to use the work of NKH to approach and work through problems Kabbalistically in a process she describes as “holding the work yourself and watching what happens,” which often creates more space around an issue, and adds a new dimension in the room. Using the principles of NKH in family life has resulted in more comfort in family communications and situations as well. The experience of change and evolution continues today both in the school and community at large, and in the personal lives of students from the beginning days of the school to the present.