Interview with Kate Wolff - "The school is like any relationship - you have to be willing to g

by Elisabeth Almerini

Kate Wolf began her relationship with ASOS outside of a comedy club, where she met the person who introduced her to the school. As their relationship developed, Kate came to admire his interest in “things beyond those we can see.” As he began attending first year class weekends, she began to be curious about the classes and then jealous of his experiences, because he ‘always came back different,' and she began to wonder if maybe these classes would be good for her, too. It was around this time that Kate made the decision to leave her teaching job to pursue a career in comedy full time. Leaving a secure job for the uncertainties of a comedy career isn’t usually the time one would think to commit to four years of tuition, but when the amount of her cashed out pension matched the cost of tuition, the decision was made, and Kate signed up. Having never attended an intro-ductory workshop or teleclass or having read any of Jason’s writings and going only by the changes she saw in her friend, she essentially enrolled in class “sight unseen.” Attending a potluck dinner at Jason and Arlene’s home during the summer of 2014, she was, admittedly, a bit “weirded out,” but decided to stick with it and see what happened.

At end of the first year of class, Kate describes her unconventional decision as being the best choice she’s made and credits it with changing her life. When asked to describe the experience of being in class, the phrases ‘intense sacred work’ and ‘an intimate relationship’ kept coming up. The feeling of classmates being a family and friends who will ‘catch me if I fall’ has led Kate to the profound experience of being able to hold space for all of her conflicting energies and being able to mend broken connections to herself. This is the kind of beautiful growth that she describes as not even knowing was possible. The weekends themselves, she says, are easy to romanticize while simultaneously being exhausting, intense and indescribable. While Kate credits the first two years of NKH training to have changed her in many ways, she wisely realizes that it was all of her life experiences, including the birth of her son 10 years ago, that brought her to the place of being able to be open to this work.

Kate came to her vocation of comedy not to be famous or rich, but to be able to have a voice and to be heard. She brings a more developed depth, richness and sensitivity to her work as a result of her experiences in class that can be seen as a counterweight to the cynicism so present in the field of comedy. In true nondual fashion, Kate’s goal is to be able to bring humor to dark places in an authentic way. After two more years of class, we will be seeing amazing things from this comrade on our journey.