Nondual Kabbalistic Healing Europe Group

By Birgitta Maes

There is a small group of NKH graduates that meet every month online. In our April 2016 meeting Birgitta Maes suggested that we organize a NKH Europe practice weekend for our European Community. She had wanted a gathering of NKH’ers for a long time.

The meeting was located centrally in the Netherlands so it would be easy to reach for people travelling from Germany and France. Four of us organized the invitation, program and all the intricate details to make it a very well thought out event.

Besides organizing sleeping space for 8, Birgitta took care of the food supply and we divided the costs amongst the 8 people that attended. We had a magnificent weekend together eating, sleeping, and a serious schedule of practice resulting in a fantastic experience for everyone. We plan to be offer this again soon.

Impressions from participants:

It was a good organized program. It was lovely to connect to new ASOS souls and walk this path together. The willingness to have an open and deep relationship with yourself and the others was very nurturing. I am grateful to have been with you all.

Jacqueline van Utenhove

I had a wonderful weekend. It is beautiful to be in this spiritual community. That is what I have come here to do, to be in these groups, to share deeply and have that reflected back to you, to prepare and eat food together, to laugh, to love, to inspire & be inspired. I look forward to the next one!

Eddie Doolan

Thank you so much, dear girls, ... for having created this first 'ASM-EU meeting' at Birgitta's; I felt deeply grateful for it, as I had missed the Live connection with ASOS contacts and group sharings of our Journeys. It was a full, very nourishing and touching day, sharing the program of meditations, exercises, food making and sharing the table, cleaning up, going for a walk through the forest, heather and sand, nature so close and soothing, dry between rain showers, togetherness in motion, beautiful reconnections and getting to know Jacqueline, I hadn't met before (a spark of future ASM development!). On relatively short notice, with a full weekend ahead, I was so happy to succeed in freeing myself of everything on my set Saturday schedule, in order to join you and thus participate at least in part!

Carolina Stribos

For me the weekend was very inspiring and nourishing. It brought me a lot of new insights and I was impressed by the depth and intimacy of the sharing’s. It was great to spend the time together, on the program, the cooking, the eating, the laughing, the living together.

Maris Konning

Deeply grateful for our experience together and the true meaning of community that was built in such a short time. With so much trust, nourishment and wisdom.

Birgitta Maes

It was a nourishing weekend! This work cannot be done without each other. Doing meditations and studies on your own is absolutely not the same. I'm grateful for the connection we had, for you being you and me being me. I'm absolutely looking forward to our next time together!

Eline de Man