Old Dog

Old dog lying in the sun. The sense of smell less than it was. Old dog knows where the sunlight is in summer, where the stove is in winter, watches everything. Enlightenment watches all entanglements, gets caught by the briars but is not their prisoner. Slips by in dreamtime, rescues nobody and everybody at the same time.

Awakening is filled with flash. It lets you know the sun has risen. Old dog just raises his head, plops it down again and sleeps. Awakening has a song, a beautiful song. Old dog has only a piece of the theme and a little rhythm: all the melody has meandered away. He hears other people singing it and is glad to listen. It fills him with happiness. Awakening posts messages on every electric utility pole: it advertizes the good news. It is important to write down awakening’s telephone number and get in touch as soon as you can. Enlightenment forgot to charge the cell phone, but you can find him shopping at the supermarket: one bag of onions and some lentils for Lebanese soup. Oh people! God is in the wind above the house. God is crying in the branches, listen! Please awaken and then go further. Forget about it all.

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