The Shattering

by Roxana Padmini, Class of 2011


How could I handle this?

Well, It depended on where I located myself in any moment on the spectrum of me, on the spectrum of life personal to impersonal,

Yes, the shattering was destruction. Yes it was creativity. Yes the potential to create volumes of secondary suffering was tantalizingly present. Yes, the shattering struck with a severity that tenderized me, yes like meat on a butchers block.

Skinless I felt.

Definitely receptive to Life now. No escape. Pain opened the barriers of my prism walls.

Skinless. Open. No escape. Help…help I’m drowning, drowning in the Set of the World…I can’t tolerate this, I cannot receive or relate to this set, can I? Can you?

And this too my friends is the path of the non-dual kabbalistic healer. The member of this Society of Souls. The ones who want to be intimate with Reality. To live cheek to cheek with the Great Bear Mother.

This schooling will certainly shatter our illusions, our dreaming, our contractions that try in vain to hold Reality to shapes we think we want or need or think are the only shapes we can cope with. Uncertainty will demand her place amongst our rigidities, assumptions and conclusions.

This schooling is a schooling in relating to the Great Bear Mother, claws, teeth, tender embraces ~ all.

And it is a path of kindness, albeit a fiery kinda kindness at times. This path has places to stop for a moment and learn to breathe to enter the vividness of Life here,

to stay here, stay here, stay here.

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