Welcoming the Café Magazine Troupe

By Eileen Marder-Mirman

For 20 years I have taken refuge in the teachings, practices and community of A Society of Souls (ASOS). Being a part of a community of students, graduates and teachers who have embraced this compassionate and beautiful awakening path has supported me in immeasurable ways. Mostly it has helped me to realize that I am truly not alone. It gives me deep pleasure to be amongst people who are committed to awakening to their true nature and who embrace the reality that we are imperfect foolish beings who are devoted to bringing healing to the world.

The first ASOS newsletter was “The Ray of Connection.” It was mailed to our homes and brought the ASOS community into our everyday lives.

For several years, I was honored to be the editor of the Ray and make it digital, just click on to the school’s website and voila, the newsletter was accessible to everyone anywhere in the world. As editor, I was fortunate to connect with many of the students and graduates who were kind enough to write articles, share photographs and/or poems and be interviewed so that we could put together each issue. It wasn’t always easy! With a lot of sweat, emails and telephone conferences, each issue eventually was ready for the world.

I could not have published the newsletter without the brilliant and creative editing ideas, suggestions and support of Erin Minta, graduate of the class of 2004.

For the first issue of the Café Magazine troupe, we have an inspiring and creative group of NKH graduates who are committed and want to support graduates and students of NKH in whatever way they can. They are active members of the Community Advisory Committee, which is a part of the Foundation for Nonduality.

For this first issue of the Café Magazine, I was happy to support and welcome Elisabeth Almerini, class of 2009, Maris Könning, class of 2014, Sara Eisenberg, class of 1999 and Tadeja Tabitha Bradaš, class of 2014. Their devotion and dedication to community, healing and awakening are a blessing to all of us.